AXA Africa Specialty Risks launches its operations based from the Mauritius IFC

Yesterday AXA Africa Specialty Risks  was launched in Mauritius. the French giant in the insurance field partnering with Llyods and Chaucer, chose Mauritius as their regional base to tap the African market.

During the launch where stakeholders of the Insurance sector as well and the British High commissioner and the French Ambassador, the CEO of AXA Africa Specialty Risks Mikir Shah, underlined the numerous advantages of the Mauritius IFC. Namely the sound regulatory environment, good governance, the availability of qualified workforce and the fact that we are bilingual. He further added that there is an enormous potential for growth in Africa from Mauritius.

The High commissioner of Britain also intervened, thanking the Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance Roshi Bhadain  for facilitating the setting up of AXA Africa specialty risk.

Harvesh Seegolam the CEO of FSPA welcomed the setting up of AXA Africa Specialty Risks  in Mauritius. he said that it’s in line with the mandate of the FSPA to attract big names in the financial services sector. And the presence of AXA Africa Specialty Risks show that Mauritius is a jurisdiction of repute and substance.