Mauritius IFC

Why Mauritius IFC

Mauritius IFC is the ideal platform for quality banking and non-banking services through its modern and innovative legal framework and ease of doing business regime. Mauritius IFC, proposes investors with a diverse product base for planning and optimizing benefits including Limited Companies, GBC 1 Protected Cell Companies, Limited Partnerships, Trust and Foundations amongst others.   

Distinctive Features of Mauritius IFC:

  • Strong regulatory framework
  • Good corporate governance
  • A range of modern financial products and services
  • Competitive operational cost
  • Extensive bilateral network allowing risk mitigation
  • Transparent legal regime
  • Connectivity
  • No exchange control
  • Risk Mitigation possibilities through its growing number of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) with key emerging markets;
  • Attractiveness as a center for capital raising and listings;
  • Ideal time zone (GMT+4) allowing trading on all global markets in a single day;
  • Modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity;
  • Excellent pool of bilingual financial and legal professionals;
  • High quality, efficiency and cost-competitiveness as an International Financial Centre of choice;
  • Recognition as a ‘white-listed’ jurisdiction by the OECD; and
  • Adherence to international best practices and standards.